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Op-Eds & Essays

“El cuerpo, la colonialidad y la crítica queer.” Conversaciones del Cono

Sur. 4:2 (2019). [link]


“Thanksgiving is Dedicated to Erasing the Ruthlessness of English Settlers.”

Truthout. November 28, 2019. [link]


“Museums Must Engage More with Indigenous People.” The Art

Newspaper. November 5, 2019. [link]


“Why Dior’s Appropriation of Native Identity to Sell Perfume Miserably

Backfired.” Hyperallergic. September 6, 2019. [link]


Joseph M. Pierce and Jaskiran Dhillon, “Cherokee Nation Sends

First Delegate to Congress.” Truthout. September 6, 2019. [link]


“Elizabeth Warren’s Apology to Native Peoples Was Woefully

Inadequate.” Protean Mag. August 21, 2019. [link]


“There Is No ‘Pride’ in Appropriation.” Hyperallergic. July 17, 2019.



“Vengo a hablar de política. Claudia Rodríguez en la academia

de NYC.” Revista Anfibia. June 26, 2019. [link]


“Roma is a Beautiful Film of Indigenous Erasure.” Indian Country

Today. December 28, 2018.

* I don't know why, but this text no longer appears on Indian Country Today's website. However, I originally published it on the blog portion of this site, for reference: [link]


Co-editor, “Syllabus: Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee Citizenship, and

DNA Testing”. Critical Ethnic Studies Journal Blog. December 19, 2018. [link]


“A Language is not a Widget.” Portal: LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections Annual Review. 13 (2017-2018): 10-12. [link]


“Dismantling the Humanities at Stony Brook University, or What

Good is a Spanish Department today?” LLILAS Benson UT Latin Americanist Alumni Blog. July 6, 2017.

*This blog is no longer active and I cannot find an archive of it.


“Travestis, negras, maricas, boricuas.” Revista Anfibia. June 13,

2016. [link]

“In Search of an Authentic Indian: Notes on the Self.” Indian

Country Today. July 28, 2015. [link]

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